New York Rhinoplasty Specialty Web Site Gives Nose Job Details

New York rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Mark Erlich announces the launch of a new Web resource to help patients who are considering a "nose job" near New York City. The site offers procedure specifics as well as answers to common questions and details on advanced computer imaging for facial surgery.

New York, New York (January 2009) - Mark A. Erlich, M.D., F.A.C.S., founder and director of Profiles & Contours, The New York Center for Plastic Surgery, has recently launched a new specialty Web site highlighting the New York rhinoplasty and septoplasty procedures performed at the practice. Along with his accomplished team of surgeons, Dr. Erlich specializes in both cosmetic rhinoplasty and septoplasty, a procedure that enhances breathing and nasal function. The new site offers a number of features that help patients learn more about advanced procedure options and about the surgeons at the practice, who have performed over 8,000 rhinoplasty procedures to date.

"The most important thing when considering rhinoplasty is to choose a skilled and experienced surgical professional you can trust," says Dr. Erlich. "My team wants to show men and women that our main goal is their comfort and satisfaction, whether they would like to address breathing problems or achieve a more balanced appearance. We are always working to find new ways to provide our patients with clear, relevant information about the cosmetic surgery process even before their first consultation."

Dr. Erlich at Profiles and Contours believe that real patients' stories are one of the best ways for people considering rhinoplasty to become more familiar with the reality of nose surgery in New York City. The new specialty Web site features stories that follow actual patients through their surgical experience. While the site also offers "before and after" photos, the patient testimonials provide a more personal voice that can help prospective patients understand what to expect from their plastic surgery experience.

The new site also provides a number of resources to help patients researching their procedure options understand how rhinoplasty works and prepare themselves for the consultation and surgery processes. On the site, prospective patients can find information about the staff members they will meet, typical questions that the Dr. Erlich address during the consultations, and links to popular financing options.

The site also contains a special section highlighting advanced computer imaging, which Dr. Erlich's practice has been using since 1985 to help preview patients' likely results for facial cosmetic surgery and for New York City "nose jobs," in particular.

"Computer imaging technology has become a vital tool for me when consulting with patients," adds Dr. Erlich. "They want to know how the surgery will change their appearances, and I want to provide them with the best approximation possible. At Profiles and Contours it is very important that our patients not only understand their procedure, but also feel comfortable and secure about their choices. This technology really has become one of our greatest assets to ensure that our patients feel confident about their surgical decision."

Dr. Erlich looks forward to the increased communication with potential patients made possible with the launch of the new specialty site. "The site is helping our New York rhinoplasty patients get a better understanding of their options beforehand, and that means better doctor-patient communication when we meet one on one. As a result, we can provide greater comfort and satisfaction to the men and women we serve."

Profiles & Contours, The New York Center for Plastic Surgery, provides an extensive menu of options in rhinoplasty, as well as a selection of popular cosmetic surgery procedures for the body, breasts, and face. To learn more, contact their offices at (212) 861-4100 (New York) or (203) 852-1650 (Connecticut) or request a free surgical consultation today.

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