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Case Number: 93

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This woman in her mid-thirties was concerned with the way her skin was beginning to crease and sag. To find out how plastic surgery in New York could reverse these early signs of aging, she scheduled an appointment at Profiles & Contours, where her surgeon led her through an extensive consultation process. The surgeons at the practice take the time to personalize their consultations and help each patient develop a realistic understanding of the results they can expect. This patient decided with her surgeon to schedule an "S-Lift" facelift procedure to focus on these problematic characteristics.

The S-Lift is a smaller-scale facelift that is popular among patients in their thirties and forties because it offers a few, moderate changes that can accomplish a great deal to maintain a youthful appearance. Although this procedure uses a much smaller incision than a traditional facelift, it still provides significant mid-facial and jaw line tightening to minimize wrinkles and sagginess. The surgeon begins with an incision behind the hairline, which is designed for maximum camouflage and extends down and around the ear. Muscles around the neck and chin are tightened create a smoother, more defined jaw line. The surgeon then repositions the deeper layers of lax tissues in the mid-face, allowing for a longer-lasting, more complete surgical outcome.

Profiles & Contours' surgeons utilize technologies and surgical approaches that help minimize discomfort after surgery, so patients of the S-Lift typically recover very quickly and comfortably. This patient's creases, lines, and folds have diminished significantly, especially around her mouth, and her improved skin tone reveals the natural contours of her younger-looking face. She is very happy with her new look as a result of her facelift in New York.

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Before Facelift

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