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Case Number: 63

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This woman was unhappy with the signs of aging that were appearing on her face. Her skin was losing elasticity and creating crow's feet at the corner of her eyes, jowling near her chin, and folds around her mouth and nose. To find out more about her options to correct these problems through cosmetic surgery in New York, she scheduled an appointment at Profiles & Contours. Dr. Erlich recommended a facelift and eyelid surgery to restore her appearance, and because she was also concerned about the shape of her nose, he suggested a very slight adjustment to her nose tip.

Dr. Erlich utilizes conservative facelift techniques that create natural-looking results without requiring extensive incisions or unnecessary adjustments. Typically, facelift incisions are hidden along the hairline and behind the ear, but Dr. Erlich customizes incisions based on the existing facial anatomy of his patients. His goal is always to create the desired outcome with the smallest incisions possible.

In this patient's surgery, which was performed at our Manhattan surgical facilities, Dr. Erlich tightened the facial muscles, removed excess skin, and repositioned the soft tissues of the middle and lower face in order to create a younger and more refreshed appearance. He also removed performed eyelid surgery and slightly elevated this patient's nasal tip to complete her look.

This patient's facelift in New York has significantly diminished the creases, lines and folds around her mouth, restoring the younger, more natural contours of her face. Although the incisions from her facelift and eyelid lift are still visible at this point, they will become less obvious as she continues to heal.

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