New York Cosmetic Surgery Patients Undergoing Face Lifts Earlier

Gone are the days when a New York face lift was reserved for older women and men looking to tone and tighten their appearance. As new techniques develop, face lift procedures are getting their own "makeover" as an effective way for 30 and 40-somethings to revamp their look while maximizing the longevity of results.

New York City, New York (July 2009) - Dr. Erlich at Profiles and Contours, New York Plastic Surgery, P.C. says that while a traditional face lift in New York is still appropriate for older patients, smaller-scale procedures are rapidly gaining popularity with a much younger demographic.

"What we're seeing right now is a dramatic move away from the idea that a face lift is only effective for older or middle-aged patients," explains Profiles and Contours director Dr. Mark A. Erlich. "Younger women and men are finding out about newer, smaller-scale procedures, and they are taking advantage of these options to achieve results that look very natural and appropriate."

For most of their younger patients choosing cosmetic surgery in New York, Dr. Erlich says these procedures are less about erasing signs of age or looking "younger," and much more about creating small-scale, subtle adjustments that will help patients look as young as they are.

"In most cases the patient is showing some signs of premature aging like sagging skin around the jaw line, or early development of facial folds between the nose and mouth," says Dr. Erlich. "But in general I think these patients care more about keeping a young-looking facial contour by emphasizing characteristics like upper-facial fullness and smooth skin. Reversing signs of aging is part of that, but it's not the only goal."

The minimal face lift, often called an S-lift, is one smaller-scale procedure that is quickly gaining recognition as a favorite with younger patients. This procedure tightens loose muscles and tissue, but unlike a traditional face lift it utilizes smaller incisions and less-extensive adjustments to minimize recovery time. A traditional face lift in New York creates more dramatic results, but for most younger patients these less extensive procedures are often much more attractive.

"Realistically, a minimal approach is all that most patients in their 30s and 40s will need," says Dr. Erlich. "When you only want to correct a few, very noticeable problems, it's important to avoid the kind of sweeping changes that would look unnatural. The goal is a subtler change that will help keep the patient looking fresh without taking a lot of time from his or her busy schedule."

Many cosmetic surgery centers in New York are responding to the influx of younger patients by offering more options for these types of smaller-scale facial surgeries, but Dr. Erlich notes that not all mini-lifts are the same, and patients need to be cautious in their procedure choices.

"With faster, less-invasive options it can be very easy to overlook the fact that this is still surgery – it still requires a qualified professional," notes Dr. Erlich. "Take a close look at the surgeon's technique and their procedure options. For instance, face lifts focusing only on the skin tend to create a more 'windblown' look and lose their effects very quickly, so patients need to make sure they choose a trustworthy, proven approach, performed by a surgeon who has the training to create the right kinds of results."

If you think you are a candidate for a face lift or mini face lift procedure, New York cosmetic surgery might be the right choice to help you achieve your goals. We invite you to request a consultation with Dr. Erlich or call (212) 861-4100 today to request a time to meet with Dr. Erlich. Dr. Erlich will be happy to discuss your goals and expectations with you at our offices conveniently located in Norwalk, Connecticut and New York City.

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