More New York Rhinoplasty Patients Choosing Chin Augmentation

Many patients are complimenting rhinoplasty (nose surgery) in New York City with chin implants, cheek implants, and/or fat extraction for a more balanced facial contour.

New York City, New York (October 2009) - While New York rhinoplasty is still one of the most the most popular cosmetic procedures, many patients are discovering that balance is the key to achieving an attractive face. Dr. Erlich at Profiles & Contours, New York Plastic Surgery, P.C. have seen an increase in the addition of other facial contouring options as part of rhinoplasty surgery.

"Nose surgery is a very popular and widely accepted cosmetic surgery procedure," says facial specialist and Profiles & Contours founder and director Mark A. Erlich, MD, FACS. "When performed by a skilled cosmetic surgeon, it can provide a variety of aesthetic improvements, like reducing the size of the nose, removing a bump from the bridge, or reducing nostril size. But an attractive face often depends on more than the just the nose."

Because people usually view themselves looking forward into a mirror, they often aren't aware that there are many factors that contribute to facial aesthetics. Many people have questions about nose surgery in New York City, both in terms of how it can improve the appearance of the nose itself and create a harmonious interplay between facial features for an enhanced overall appearance.

"Although the nose is often the initial focus of a patient's concerns, there's usually more required to achieve balance and harmony among the facial features. For instance, when viewing the face from the side, our goal is to have the chin projection closely align with the upper lip," explains Dr. Erlich. "We can use chin augmentation to build up a receding or weak chin."

Chin augmentation is a relatively simple surgical procedure that can give patients an overall balanced profile. The implant usually can be inserted through the inside of the lower lip, so the incision is completely hidden. Building up the chin just a bit can even make the nose appear smaller. This also gives a more sculpted look to the jaw line and neck. Male patients often appreciate a "stronger" chin and jaw because it can help them project an image of strength and self-confidence.

The cheeks, which frame the nose, also contribute to overall facial balance. "The classical standard of beauty is a triangular, tapered, and geometrically angular face," notes Dr. Erlich. "Our patients are excited to learn that we can build up and enhance the cheek bones using cheek implants. In addition, buccal fat removal helps our New York area patients re-contour 'chubby' cheeks, for an even more defined and a sculpted look."

"When it comes to looking and feeling attractive, the face is a key component," notes Dr. Erlich. "Once educated on their options, many patients elect to complement their rhinoplasty by enhancing their cheeks or chin as well. They can enjoy both an attractive, balanced face and increased self-confidence with these combined facial plastic surgery procedures."

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