New York Face Lift FAQ

If you are seriously considering face lift surgery in New York City or Connecticut, the questions and answers below can help to give you a better sense of your procedure options. These questions are some of the most common we've received from the people who come to our practice considering facial rejuvenation. After reading the questions below, if you still have more detailed questions or concerns, click here to request a consultation with Dr. Erlich at Profiles & Contours.

For more information about face lift procedures, read our overview page on face lift in New York.

How old should I be to consider a face lift?

Age is not the most important factor for this type of considering surgery. A face lift can be performed at any age. For younger patients who would benefit from a minimal face lift, Dr. Erlich performs a procedure called an "S-lift."

What will happen at my face lift consultation?

For your convenience, you can choose to have your face lift consultation at our New York City or Connecticut plastic surgery offices. Dr. Erlich will examine you and ask for your medical history. Having realistic expectations about your potential results is important. Computer imaging may be performed to help you visualize and anticipate your expected result. The consultation is the time for you to ask Dr. Erlich any questions you may have about the procedure, recovery and effects of face lift surgery. Dr. Erlich will discuss costs and fees during this visit. If Dr. Erlich determines that you are a good candidate and you choose to set an appointment for surgery, you will be given pre-operative and post-operative instructions, and pictures will be taken which will remain a part of your medical record.

Will a face lift make me look "plastic"?

No. Patients who have face lift surgery at our New York Plastic Surgery Center look refreshed and younger without looking pulled, plastic or "done." In some cases, our patients look up to 15 years younger.

Aren't face lifts most typically performed for the rich or the famous?

No. A face lift can be beneficial for any good candidates who have excess skin and wrinkles. Many average New Yorkers have face lift surgery. In fact, in Manhattan, face lift surgery is still one of the most popular plastic surgeries available. You probably see people at work, in restaurants and on the street everyday who have had face lifts, but when a face lift is done well, people will only see how great you look, not that you've had surgery.

How should I prepare for surgery?

You may be asked to refrain from taking certain medications prior to surgery. You should avoid sun tanning your face at least a week prior to face lift in New York. If you smoke, you will need to refrain from smoking for at least one week following surgery. You will be given instructions about eating prior to the procedure. Preparing your living space before surgery is important so you can return home to rest and heal properly, and having post-op prescriptions ready before surgery can be very helpful in reducing stress and discomfort after the procedure. You will need to arrange for some one to pick you up and take you home after your New York face lift. You can plan on having your after care appointments at our New York or Connecticut cosmetic surgery offices.

How is a face lift performed?

At our New York Plastic Surgery Center, we begin a face lift with inconspicuous incisions around the hairline. This incision is designed to heal without creating visible scars. If necessary, a small incision is made under the chin to allow fat removal and muscle tightening in the neck. The skin is lifted away from the muscles so they can be tightened. This part of the procedure insures the longevity of your face lift. Liposuction is used to remove fat deposits, and then great care is taken to tighten the skin without creating a 'pulled' look.

How long does a face lift in New York take?

The face lift, when performed by Dr. Erlich, usually takes about two hours.

Where will I have the surgery?

It is most likely that your surgery will take place at the New York Plastic Surgery Center, the New York City surgical facility of Profiles and Contours. Our surgical facility is outstandingly equipped and fully accredited by the prestigious Association for Ambulatory Healthcare Facilities. We also have an accredited surgical facility in Connecticut, but most of our plastic surgery procedures are at our New York City plastic surgery center.

How painful is a face lift?

Most patients report that a face lift at our New York Plastic Surgery Center is not as painful as they expected. You will be given medications to relieve any discomfort and to aid in the healing process. Many patients report that they never had the need for pain medication as significant pain never occurred.

What should I expect after a face lift?

Most of our patients are very surprised by the minimal amount of pain after face lift surgery. You might experience some swelling and bruising. You will need to wear bandages for about 5 days, but you will begin to see your results as soon as the bandages are removed. If Dr. Erlich uses tissue glue, recovery can be very rapid. If it is more convenient to you, your after care appointments with Dr. Erlich can be scheduled at our Connecticut cosmetic surgery offices.

How soon can I return to work and other normal activities?

You will be up on your feet a day or two after the surgery, but most Manhattan face lift patients return to work after a week of recovery. If bruising is persistent, make-up can be worn to camouflage any discoloration. Exercise can be resumed in a few weeks, but this should be discussed with Dr. Erlich during your consultation and subsequent appointments. You will want to avoid any potential impact to your face while you are healing and wearing sunscreen when outdoors is also important during the recovery period.

If you think you are a candidate for a face lift, Dr. Erlich at Profiles & Contours invites you to request a consultation or call 212.861.4100 today to schedule your appointment. You can meet with Dr. Erlich at our Connecticut cosmetic surgery center or in New York City to discuss your surgical expectations and facelift questions.

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