New York Earlobe Restoration

Earlobe injuries occur from various types of trauma — most commonly from wearing pierced earrings. In some cases, it's a very elongated hole from the prolonged weight of heavy earrings. In other cases, there is a complete tear through the earlobe.

Either of these injuries can be repaired in a simple procedure performed under local anesthesia that typically takes under a half hour. With offices in New York and Connecticut, earlobe restoration couldn't be easier!

The incisions are usually closed with dissolvable sutures and no bandage is needed — so you may return to work the same day. After a healing period of about one month, if you wish, the surgeon may re-pierce your ear.

Keloids (large, firm scars) of the earlobe, which result from the trauma of piercing, can be removed and the earlobe reconstructed. This surgery is usually followed by a series of cortisone injections to the earlobe to help prevent recurrence. The success rate is high with this treatment, but re-piercing is generally not recommended.

Another problem that plastic surgery can fix is wrinkled earlobes. For patients undergoing other rejuvenateing procedures such as a facelift or a browlift, deep wrinkles of the earlobes can be of some concern. This problem is easily treated with laser resurfacing of the earlobes to restore the previous smooth, youthful texture of the earlobes.

If you are looking for more information about earlobe surgery, Dr. Erlich at Profiles & Contours in New York invites you to request a consultation or call 212.861.4100 to schedule your appointment. Dr. Erlich will meet with you at our New York or Connecticut cosmetic surgery center to discuss which earlobe restoration procedure is right for you.

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