New York Collagen & Fat Injections

Just as plastic surgery can solve many cosmetic problems by removing things (such as excess skin or fat tissue), in some instances adding something is the answer.

If you take a crumpled up and wrinkled plastic bag and blow into it, it will gradually expand and all of the wrinkles will disappear. That is the idea behind both collagen and fat injections. By injecting them under the skin, many wrinkles and indentations will be reduced as the collagen or fat force the skin to expand. The expansion is extremely slight, but it is enough to make a significant difference in appearance.

Collagen is an excellent substance. It is 100% natural, already exists in all mammals, and there is only a small chance of the body rejecting it. At our Connecticut and New York cosmetic surgery centers we routinely perform skin tests in advance of treatment to make sure you are not allergic.

Collagen injections can be safely used on the face where areas need to be smoothed, filled in or built out.

Areas to be treated can be pre-numbed with an anesthetic cream that you apply before coming for your treatment, but most patients find this unnecessary as the treatment is very quickly administered.

Treatments take about fifteen minutes and can be performed again and again as needed. Most patients will require two initial treatments, and then a repeat treatment usually every four to six months for maintenance of the desired improvement. You can choose to visit our New York or Connecticut plastic surgery offices for your collagen injections.

If you are interested in treating your fine lines and wrinkles with collagen, Dr. Erlich at Profiles & Contours invites you to click to request a consultation or call 212.861.4100 to schedule your appointment. When you choose Profiles & Contours in New York or Connecticut, collagen and fat injections can be a convenient and easy way to revitalize your looks!

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