New York Chin Augmentation

Most people who could benefit from a chin augmentation don't even know it - because they never see themselves in profile. Whether in a mirror or in a picture, we typically view ourselves only face-forward.

Many patients elect chin surgery after they see a photograph that caught them in profile.

When the chin is undersized, it affects the entire face. It makes the nose look larger and more conspicuous. An overbite will appear more pronounced. A double chin will result because the jaw is too short. And, worst of all, small chins project an image of weakness.

When cartoonists want a character to appear weak, the first step is to draw a small and undersized chin. But in real life, this problem can usually be easily corrected.

The procedure, chin augmentation, is quick and the results are permanent. It can enlarge and improve the contour of almost any undersized or receding chin. It is very popular to combine chin augmentations with rhinoplasty in Manhattan, NYC (commonly called a nose job) to fully revitalize a patient's profile.

During chin augmentation surgery, Dr. Erlich makes a small incision inside the mouth and create a small pocket just in front of the chin bone. A special pre-formed chin implant is precisely placed in this pocket where it will remain firmly in position. This incision is closed with a few absorbable sutures, so they don't have to be removed. The incision is never visible because of its placement in the mouth.

This procedure takes under a half hour and is performed in our surgery center on an outpatient basis. It can be done under local anesthesia or with sedation. There is some soreness after this procedure, but the medications provided will control it. You'll be up and around the same day as your surgery and back to work in just a few days. While it is likely your chin augmentation surgery will be performed at our New York plastic surgery center, if it is more convenient for you, your consultation and after care appointments can be at our Connecticut cosmetic surgery offices.

This procedure provides immediate and effective results that can last a lifetime.

Chin surgery gives patients a better-looking, more balanced face and usually a huge boost in self-confidence and self-esteem.

If you are interested in more information about chin augmentation, Dr. Erlich at Profiles & Contours invites you to click to request a consultation or call 212.861.4100 today to schedule your appointment. You can meet with Dr.Erlich at our Connecticut plastic surgery center or in New York City to discuss your surgical expectations and chin implant questions.

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