New York Cheek Augmentation

Augmenting the CheekbonesFor centuries, high cheekbones have been considered an essential ingredient of beauty. The reason is one of simple geometry. Generally, the more triangular your face, the better you look. Two high cheekbones tapering down toward the chin accomplish this.

Unfortunately, most of us aren't born with high cheekbones. Even worse, as we age, our faces, once firm and angular, tend to sag, and whatever triangular shape we have usually diminishes and flattens.

Cheek augmentation can give almost anyone beautiful, prominent, high cheekbones. The procedure can be performed in several different ways.

In one approach, working through either the inside of the mouth, or the lower eyelid, we place a specially contoured implant over the cheekbone to create higher looking cheekbones. If you have a hollow or sunken area beneath your cheeks, implants can be used there to help fill out your face.

Another approach involves taking your own fat tissue from your abdomen or any other area and injecting it over your cheekbone. This procedure is not always permanent, and on occasion, will require repeating — usually after one year.

Other procedures to improve the contours of the face are frequently performed at the same time — such as chin augmentation, liposuction of the neck and jawline, facial slimming, and rhinoplasty in New York City. Most of our cheek implant and facial contouring procedures are performed at our New York plastic surgery center, but for your convenience, your consultation and aftercare appointments can be held at our Connecticut cosmetic surgery offices.

To decide which facial procedure is best for you, schedule a consultation with us to discuss your options and preview these changes with computer imaging.

If you are interested in more information about cheek implants, Dr. Erlich at Profiles & Contours invites you to click to request a consultation or call 212.861.4100 today to schedule your appointment. You can meet with Dr. Erlich at our Connecticut plastic surgery center or in New York City to discuss your surgical expectations and cheek implant questions.

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