New York Breast Reduction

Big breasts can be a big problem. Both physically and psychologically. Large, oversized breasts dominate any woman's appearance and can make her look top-heavy, obese, and matronly.

Large breasts are also quite a physical burden. They are often painful, distort the posture, cause difficulty in breathing, backache, neck ache, cause irritation in the skin crease, and make exercise very difficult. Because large breasts cause such physical problems, breast reduction is one of the few procedures generally covered by medical insurance. Then there's the mental burden. The stares. The unwelcome attention. And the rude comments.

These are just a few of the reasons why women with oversized breasts often choose breast reduction surgery for help.

This procedure can reduce and reshape large breasts by removing excess skin and underlying tissue. An oversized areola (the darker skin around the nipple) can be made smaller at the same time. The results of this procedure are permanent, although significant weight gain or pregnancy can cause some later enlargement of the breasts.

If you have large, sagging breasts, you are a good candidate for breast reduction. Patients with sagging breasts that are not overly large may need only a breast lift.

Women of all ages can benefit from breast reduction, but it is generally only performed after the breasts are fully formed. This procedure may impair your ability to breast feed, and this possibility must be considered in your decision.

Breast reduction is performed in either the hospital or the office surgical facility depending on the extent of the procedure, and is done under general anesthesia. Most of our breast reduction procedures are performed at our New York facility, but for your convenience, you can choose to visit our Connecticut plastic surgery office for your cosmetic surgery consultation and aftercare.

There are a number of incision options that are tailored to individual needs. Our latest improvement is to perform a more minimal incision (the Lejour technique) that improves the cosmetic quality of the result. This procedure takes two to three hours to perform.

Post-operative discomfort is well controlled by the prescriptions we provide. And your should be up and around, in slow motion, in a day or two. Most women are able to return to work within one or two weeks after surgery — delighted with the physical and mental burden that has been lifted from them.

If you think you are a candidate for a breast reduction in the New York area, Dr. Erlich at Profiles & Contours invite you to click to request a consultation or call 212.861.4100 today to schedule your appointment. You can meet with Dr.Erlich at our Connecticut plastic surgery center or in New York City to discuss your surgical expectations and breast reduction questions.

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