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When patients visit our offices to discuss their options for plastic surgery in NYC or Connecticut, we take pride in knowing that our impeccable reputation and professionalism will make them feel right at home. We value our patients. As a result, we hold ourselves to the highest levels of care and attention to safety.

We know that if you are considering plastic surgery, you need information in order to make an informed decision about your surgeon and surgical facility. Please take a minute to meet our director, Dr. Erlich, as well as read about why you should choose Dr. Erlich for your cosmetic or medical spa procedure. You can request a consultation with Dr.Erlich online and come in to talk with us in person.

To help provide detailed information to our patients considering septoplasty or rhinoplasty in New York City or Connecticut, we have created a specialty Web site: At this site you can learn even more about nose surgery options and find out why Profiles & Contours is such a popular practice for men and women seeking to improve the appearance and/or functionality of their noses through skilled surgical procedures.

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